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Trump quickly realized he could not fight the power of a thousand heart-rending photos (a few of which were staged or mislabeled) and tried to get off the hook with a cheap sale discount cheap prices authentic Glitter Sequined Lace Up Flat Shoes Golden 37 QclsaWF
. It may buy him a little time — but only a little.

That’s because, in addition to the logistics of handling the sheer number of illegal crossers and asylum seekers amid the thicket of laws and court rulings, the GOP can’t get its act together to pass legislation despite controlling Congress.

So Trump stands alone, which means immigration will continue to defy solution. Though he has vacillated on details, the president at least offers a sensible position that’s easy to grasp: America must control its borders and decide who gets to come in, as virtually every other nation in the world does.

In addition to repeating his promise to build a wall, he met Friday with “Angel Families,” who lost loved ones during crimes committed by illegal immigrants, some of whom had been deported numerous times. To the media and advocates who celebrate all immigrants, the “Angel Families” are invisible.

Because stopping illegal immigration is popular in much of the nation, it is not surprising that an early poll finds most criticism directed at the Central American parents who risk their children’s lives by bringing them on the dangerous journey or sending them with smugglers.

Rasmussen reports that 54 percent of likely voters said the parents are more to blame for the crisis, against 35 percent who say the government is more to blame.

Meanwhile, the left is going in the opposite direction by uniting behind California Sen. Dianne Feinstein, who turned 85 last week and is seeking another six-year term. Trying to rally the far-left base in her blue state, Feinstein ­authored a bill that would, among other things, prohibit an arrest for illegal entry anywhere within 100 miles of a border.

Incredibly, the other 48 Senate Dems signed on, meaning they’ve all cast their lots with an outlandishly radical policy.

Yet Feinstein and others insist they don’t favor open borders. OK, then, let’s put it this way: They favor no borders and want the US to admit the whole world, free of charge and no questions asked.

Yeah, that’ll sell in November.

Things That Matter ” was the title of Charles Krauthammer’s 2013 book, a collection of essays on politics, baseball, medicine and Western civilization, to name a few of his favorite topics.

An update would include the author himself. Krauthammer, who died Thursday at 68 , lived a life that mattered.

His range of knowledge, brilliant insights and precision of expression have no equal on the public stage today. That he achieved such eminence despite a youthful accident that left him paralyzed from the neck down adds to the aura.

This 8-year-old girl, who previously had been well except for asthma and allergic rhinitis and conjunctivitis caused by pollen allergy, experienced acute chest pain, localized at the sternal area, while she was playing basketball at school. She stopped playing and the pain disappeared within 20 minutes. Her mother arrived when the pain had already ceased and noted that she was pale. In the evening, she developed a mild fever. On the following day, she awoke early in the morning because of a severe precordial pain. She stated that the pain felt like a weight pushing on her chest. The girl appeared extremely ill, pale, and sweaty; therefore, she was taken to the local hospital. On admission, the pain had persisted for ∼45 minutes, but the intensity had decreased. The pain disappeared completely in 1 hour. Physical examination did not reveal any abnormality, heart rate was 96 beats/min, blood pressure was 105/60 mm Hg, respiratory rate was 20 breaths/min, and transcutaneous oxygen saturation was 97%. The electrocardiogram (ECG) showed a sinus rhythm with 2.5-mm ST elevation in lead I, aVL, V 4 , V 5 , and V 6 and ST depression in V 1 , V 2 , and aVR (Fig 1 ). The markers of myocardial damage were significantly increased: myoglobin was 224 ng/mL (normal values: 0-70 ng/mL), troponin I was 9.5 ng/mL (normal values: 0-0.1 ng/mL); and CK-MB was 57.6 ng/mL (normal values: 0-4 ng/mL). On the basis of this data, the patient was transferred to our hospital. On admission, she was asymptomatic and physical examination was negative. Laboratory investigations were as follows: red blood cells: 4.130.000/mm 3 ; white blood cells: 10.600/mm 3 ; hemoglobin: 11.7 g/dL; platelets: 420.000 mm 3 ; erythrocyte sedimentation rate: 15 mm; renal function, standard coagulation studies, serum cholesterol, and triglycerides were within the normal limits. Aspartate transaminase was 77 U/L, and creatine phosphokinase was 694 U/L. Figure 1 shows the evolution of serologic markers of myocardial damage. The troponin I levels steadily decreased after the initial high level of 9.5 ng/mL.

Fig 1.

Graphic presentation of troponin, myoglobin, and CK-MB myocardial enzymes.

Figure 2 shows ECG findings that a pathologic Q-wave never appeared. At 36 hours, the ST segment had returned to isoelectric, and the T-wave was flat. At 60 hours, the T-wave had recovered its polarity and amplitude.

Fig 2.

ECG on admission: note ST segment elevation in lead I, VL, V, V, and V. ST segment depression in V, V and VR.

Serial echocardiographic examinations revealed no abnormality of the cardiac structures, proximal coronary arteries, cardiac function, and contractility. No cardioembolic source was detected. No pericardial effusion appeared.


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Learning Objectives

A phenomenon (plural, phenomena ) is a general result that has been observed reliably in systematic empirical research. In essence, it is an established answer to a research question. Some phenomena we have encountered in this book are that expressive writing improves health, women do not talk more than men, and cell phone usage impairs driving ability. Some others are that dissociative identity disorder (formerly called multiple personality disorder) increased greatly in prevalence during the late 20th century, people perform better on easy tasks when they are being watched by others (and worse on difficult tasks), and people recall items presented at the beginning and end of a list better than items presented in the middle.


Some Famous Psychological Phenomena

Phenomena are often given names by their discoverers or other researchers, and these names can catch on and become widely known. The following list is a small sample of famous phenomena in psychology.

Blindsight Bystander effect Fundamental attribution error McGurk effect -race effect Placebo effect Mere exposure effect Serial position effect Spontaneous recovery

Although an empirical result might be referred to as a phenomenon after being observed only once, this term is more likely to be used for results that have been replicated. Replication means conducting a study again—either exactly as it was originally conducted or with modifications—to be sure that it produces the same results. Individual researchers usually replicate their own studies before publishing them. Many empirical research reports include an initial study and then one or more follow-up studies that replicate the initial study with minor modifications. Particularly interesting results come to the attention of other researchers who conduct their own replications. The positive effect of expressive writing on health and the negative effect of cell phone usage on driving ability are examples of phenomena that have been replicated many times by many different researchers.


Sometimes a replication of a study produces results that differ from the results of the initial study. This difference could mean that the results of the initial study or the results of the replication were a fluke—they occurred by chance and do not reflect something that is generally true. In either case, additional replications would be likely to resolve this discrepancy. A failure to produce the same results could also mean that the replication differed in some important way from the initial study. For example, early studies showed that people performed a variety of tasks better and faster when they were watched by others than when they were alone. Some later replications, however, showed that people performed worse when they were watched by others. Eventually researcher Robert Zajonc identified a key difference between the two types of studies. People seemed to perform better when being watched on highly practiced tasks but worse when being watched on relatively unpracticed tasks (Zajonc, 1965) [1] . These two phenomena have now come to be called social facilitation and social inhibition.

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