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by Lydia Saad

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WASHINGTON, D.C. -- As the Trump administration prepares to move the U.S. embassy in Israel to Jerusalem and is reportedly finalizing its broader Middle East peace plan, Americans' stance on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is as strongly pro-Israel as at any time in Gallup's three-decade trend. Sixty-four percent say their sympathies in the dispute lie more with the Israelis, tying the high previously recorded in 2013 and 1991.

Just 19% of Americans today sympathize more with the Palestinians than with the Israelis, slightly higher than the 15% in Gallup's initial 1988 measurement and ranking among the highest percentages favoring the Arab side of the conflict in Gallup's trend.

Meanwhile, the percentage of Americans who sympathize with neither side, with both sides or who have no opinion about the Palestinian-Israeli conflict is now 16%, the lowest to date. This neutral category has been shrinking as more Americans take positions on the dispute.

Republicans' Support for Israel Climbs Higher

Republicans account for much of the overall increase in sympathies for Israel since 2001, although both Democrats and political independents are also slightly more sympathetic toward the country.

Republicans have consistently shown greater support than Democrats for Israel, partly because of conservative Christians' beliefs about the biblical significance of Israel . Another key factor in the especially wide gap since 2002 is likely Israel's strong backing of the United States at the start of the Iraq War in 2003 and the strong support that Republican President George W. Bush showed for the Jewish state.

Americans Would Lean More on the Palestinians to Make Peace

Americans are about twice as likely to say the U.S. should put more pressure on the Palestinians (50%) than on the Israelis (27%) to resolve the conflict between the two peoples, similar to views in 2013. However, this differs from 2007 and 2008, when Americans were more divided on which side should receive more pressure, and at least 11% volunteered that the U.S. should be putting more pressure on both sides.

U.S. leverage in the Middle East has historically come from its military aid to Israel and humanitarian aid to the Palestinians, as well as its strong leadership role globally. How much leverage the U.S. still has is an open question, given Palestinian leaders' loss of faith in the United States' ability to be an honest peace broker with Israel since the Jerusalem decision, and a recent slide of discount countdown package Men Casual Hiking Outdoor Slip on Suede Shoes Macaroni And Cheese 40 discount fashionable cheap sale shop for sale pre order vp9Q9lc

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A post shared by Sarte Beige Floater Sandals comfortable cheap price Inexpensive cheap online free shipping huge surprise for sale online store bFCcHg
(@browngirlgazin) on

Several campaigns, such as Skechers Sport Womens Verified Fashion Sneaker Taupe outlet store cheap price cheap for cheap popular sale online outlet locations sale online qMPzG0
, Dark is Beautiful , and Grendha Grendha Ladies Casual Thongs Beige visa payment sale online EZtZpHdI
, have dealt with the issue of colourism over the years, acknowledging the obsession with fair skin.

“Outlier voices and projects like Browngirlgazin are important because they spark up conversations and slowly the effect trickles into mainstream media,” said Kaviya , a 28-year-old Mumbai-based artist whose works have dealt with themes of body positivity and the changing rules of beauty. The women in Kaviya’s art are unabashedly opinionated while flaunting their unshaven legs, stretch marks and all those things deemed “ugly” or “unfeminine.”

“Mainstream fashion labels are increasingly using diverse models; sporting a unibrow is no longer an oddity thanks to (actor Deepika Padukone’s look in) Padmaavat ; short girls take comfort in actor Alia Bhatt being successful, and Tanishq used a dark-skinned model in its wedding ad to stir up conversations about #darkisbeautiful,” said Kaviya. “You realise how huge an impact mainstream media can have on minds if only they consciously decide to change the narrative of what constitutes beauty.”

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A post shared by Anushka Kelkar (@browngirlgazin) on

The testimonies of the women on Browngirlgazin are varied. The issues are not always related to physical attributes—for some, it’s about how their bodies have changed due to mental and physical trauma. In an anonymous post, a woman writes about the scars on her body, a result of long-term physical abuse by her father: “My first memory is of my father burning my leg when I was three because I refused to eat my vegetables. I have lost count of how many times he’s hurt me since. As a daughter of an abusive alcoholic, my body holds inordinate amounts of pain. The scars and injuries make me feel ugly, of course, but they also make me ashamed. Walking around with scars is like carrying permanent proof of my worthlessness… I hate that my body has been so altered by him, it is no longer my own.”

You’d have to be exceptionally fortunate to be there for the ‘ ruptura’ , but Perito Merino is amazing 365 days a year. Accessed via a two-hour drive from the windswept town of El Calafate, the glacier will take your breath away before your vehicle has even come to a standstill. Be sure to snap a few shots of it from the lakeshore before boarding the boat which will take you almost to the face of the glacier, where massive icebergs regularly calve into the lake’s icy waters. If you’re feeling really adventurous you can even walk on a stable section of the glacier in crampons.

The Lake District, Chile and Argentina

It shouldn’t even be legal for one small region to be home to such abundant picture-postcard perfection. Everywhere you look in the so-called Lake District there’s an extinct volcano or a glacier-fed lake; a soaring stand of conifers or a babbling brook that’s so clear you can make out every single pebble on the streambed.

If you visit from Argentina you’ll most likely arrive in the agreeable resort town of Bariloche on the shores of Lago Nahuel Huapi, but I’d strongly advise exploring the surrounding lakes, valleys and villages. The ‘Route of the Seven Lakes’ has to be one of the most idyllic drives on the planet and the chocolate box charm of towns like San Martin de Los Andes and Villa la Angostura is hard to beat.

The main hub on the Chilean side is the slightly rough-around-the-edges port city of Puerto Montt – but all of our guests choose to stay in the delightful lakeside village of Puerto Varas, with its irresistible blend of colonial German heritage and contemporary Chilean adventure sports.

Peninsula Valdes, Argentina

A few miles north of the scruffy Atlantic town of Puerto Madryn lies Men Casual Trend for Fashion Hiking Outdoor Sport Flat Leather Shoes Wine Red 42 100% original cheap price 04vKfked
, the anvil-shaped peninsula which Gerald Durrell described as “a cul-de-sac into which all the wild-life of Chubut has drained and from which it cannot escape.” And with good reason: the peninsuala is one of the most important biodiversity hotspots in the world.

The David Attenborough documentary of orcas wilfully beaching themselves while ambushing sea lions was filmed here and the area is also home to large colonies of fur seals, whales, elephant seals and penguins – although the largest penguin colonies are found to the south of Puerto Madryn. When I visited I was lucky enough to witness a pair of orcas zipping through the shallow water in search of a suitable victim...Who knows, maybe you’ll be there to see them taking things one step further?

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WASHINGTON —American workers took slightly more vacation in 2015, up to 16.2 days from 16.0days the year before,according to new research from Public Desire Public Desire Phoenix Pink for sale under cheap sale supply buy cheap many kinds of shopping online cheap online ZMnKr
. But the meager increasecomes as workers received an additional day(21.9 days on average), but used a lower share ofvacation time than in 2014.

These findings, from Project: Time Off’s State of American Vacation 2016 report, provide the most comprehensive look at America’s vacation habits to date from a GfK survey of 5,641 U.S. employees who earn time off and economic analysis conducted by Oxford Economics.

It is commonly assumed that economic trends are driving the decline, but the State of American Vacation found no correlation to unemployment rates or consumer confidence. Rather, America’s time off habits closely track technology innovation and adoption trends, suggesting that connectivity has intensified Americans’ attachment to work and reduced their ability to break free of the office.

“Technological advancements have irreversibly changed the way we work—in many ways for the better—but the omnipresent office requires being intentional about our time,” said Project: Time Off Senior Director and report author Katie Denis. “Americans need to decide whether vacation will become a casualty of the new working world or if we will change to win back America’s Lost Week.”

More than half of American workers (55%) left vacation time unused in 2015. This adds up to 658 million unused vacation days. It is the highest number Project: Time Off has ever reported, far exceeding the previous 429 million count. The increase highlights the difference between American workers’ intent and action. Previous Project: Time Off surveys, conducted mid-year, asked about anticipated vacation usage. The latest survey, conducted in January 2016, asked respondents about their actual usage for 2015, providing a more accurate picture of America’s vacation habits.

These unused days cost the U.S. economy $223 billion in total economic impact and 1.6 million jobs. There are significant costs to American workers as well. U.S. workers forfeited 222 million of the 658 million unused vacation days. These days cannot be rolled over, paid out, or banked for any other benefit—they are purely lost. This forgone time results in $61.4 billion in forfeited benefits annually.

What’s Stopping Us? The reasons behind work martyrdom have lessened, even if only slightly, since 2014. Workers cite returning to a mountain of work (37% in 2016 vs. 40% in 2014) as the greatest challenge, followed by no one else can do the job (35% vs. 30%) and cannot afford a vacation (33% vs. 30%).

Beyond the pressures workers place on themselves, managers play a key role in vacation habits as employees ranked their boss the most powerful influencer when it comes to taking time off. Further, 80 percent of employees said they would be likely to take more time off if they felt fully supported and encouraged by their boss.

Unfortunately, nearly six in 10(58%) employees report a lack of support from their boss and more than half (53%) report the same from their colleagues. Analysis found a positive correlation betweenemployees who feel strong support from their bosses and colleagues and employee engagement. The more support an employee feels, the more likely they are to report higher levels of happiness with their company and job.

Support, however, is in short supply. Employees face a culture of silence when it comes to vacation time. Nearly two-thirds (65%) report that they hear nothing, mixed messages, or discouraging messages about taking time off.

Power of Planning The single-most important step workers can take is to plan their time off in advance, as more than half (51%) of planners used all their earned vacation time compared to 39% of non-planners. Yet less than half (49%) of households set aside time to plan their vacation time each year. Further, planners reported greater happiness in every category measured, especially relationships with partners and children.

“This is truly a crossroads for America. Are we living through the end of our vacation traditions?” said Project: Time Off Managing Director Gary Oster. “There are glimmers of hope, but to make real progress, we need to make the conscious choice that time off is as important as time on.”

Additional Findings


Methodology GfK conducted an online survey using the GfK KnowledgePanel® from January 20-February 16, 2016 with 5,641 American workers working at least 35 hours per week, including 1,184 managers who are company decision-makers. GfK’s KnowledgePanel® is the only large-scale online panel based on a representative random sample of the U.S. population. Oxford Economics used the GfK survey results as well as data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Current Population Survey to estimate historical levels of vacation activity. See the cheap sale low cost ONEMIX Womens Running Shoes Air Cushion Walking Breathable Light Sports Outdoor Sneakers Pink outlet low price fee shipping best seller cheap price GCIP2dljf
for a full methodology.

About Project: Time Off Project: Time Off is an initiative to win back America’s Lost Week of vacation. We aim to shift culture so that taking time off is understood as essential to personal well-being, professional success, business performance, and economic expansion. The initiative is supported by the adidas Ultraboost Uncaged US 85W deals for sale jq9pqwxRC
a broad-based group of organizations focused on changing America’s thinking and behavior about vacation time. Learn more at .

New Report Shows Critical Crossroads Between Taking Vacation Back or Letting It Go Extinct
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